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Vanguard, Los Angeles – Hollywood goes big. (Dec. 05)
Ruby Skye, San Francisco – JK specs EAW for San Fran's hottest dance club. (Dec. 05)
Vision, Atlanta – A 30-day revamp turned to total metamorphosis. (Nov. 05)
Ministry, London – The legendary nightclub gets a new speaker system. (Nov. 05)
SILK – A casino club uses light to brand its look. (Oct. 05)
A/V@RA – Who needs a DJ when you've got a VJ?. (Oct. 05)
Pacha – Ibiza takes Manhattan. (Sep. 05)
Opus 22 – For DJs, by DJs. (Sep. 05)
Nikki Beach , Atlantic City – Can you hear me now? Good. (Aug. 05)

Brulee/32, Atlantic City – Have your cake and dance in it too. (Aug. 05)
Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia – Animal house of rock. (Jul. 05)
Asbury Park , New Jersey – Revitalizing a town through its classic venues. (Jul. 05)

Coliseum, Detroit – Lighting up 8 Miile's skies. (Jun. 05)
Spearmint Rhino – Proprietor John Gray's 37-stop chain plays variations on the strip club theme. (Jun. 05)
Mixx, New Jersey – Injecting A.C. with a little Sin. (May. 05)
Vivid, Las Vegas – As naughty as you can get...with your clothes on.. (May. 05)

Duvet, New York – Beds, yes...but jellyfish, icebergs and one-way glass too. (Apr. 05)
Monarck, Denver – A "steakhouse without the food" (Apr. 05)
The Pawn Shop, Miami – Forget off the beach. This mod-kitsch lounge is practically
off the map (Mar. 05)

Amika, South Beach – The collapse of South Beach's red velvet rope. (Mar. 05)
Stereo, Montreal – The continuing sonic saga of the audiophile's Promised Land. (Feb. 05)
Sasha at Crobar, New York– Excellent adventures in extreme digital (Feb. 05)

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Tony Perez of Robe He's got the history; they've got the products. Sales manager Tony Perez helps lead independent manufacturer Robe into the thick of the club ligting wars. (Oct. 05)
Paul Morrissey of Urei What happens when you revive the product that helped change DJ-ing forever? Jock hysteria. Product manager Paul Morrissey fields the manic inquiries. (Apr. 05)

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Dragonfly – Harrisburg, PA (Dec. 05)
The Works – Detroit, MI (Nov. 05)
Smart Bar – Chicago, IL (Oct. 05)
Mantra Lounge – Milwaukee, WI (Sep. 05)
Love Over Easy – State College, PA (Aug. 05)
Avenue – Washington, DC (Jul. 05)
Narcisse – Chicago, IL (Jun. 05)
Absolut Ice Bar– Stockholm, Sweden (May. 05)
Iguana Cantina – Baltimore, MD (Apr. 05)
Tonic – Boston, MA (Mar. 05)
South American Music Conference Buenos Aires – Argentina (Feb. 05)

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Club World Awards 2005 (Jan. 05)

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