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Sanctuary – Watch as this Pittsburgh church falls from holy grace to wicked nightclub. (Dec 02)
Octane – This Vero Beach teen club is so adult it has a hard time keeping
the grown-ups away. (Nov 02)

Studio 54 – Las Vegas gives new meaning to a legendary name. (Oct 02)
Shelter– How Shelter survived system drama and instant fame
to become New York's only music-centered club. (Sep 02)

Club Kryptonite – Three men, one dream in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (Jun 02)
20/20 – The tech director likens this California club's system to a Ferrari (May 02)
Panacea – Downtown Detroit Gets Upscale (Apr 02)
Miami's Spin – Space's little sister turns it out (Mar 02)

Biosfera – Mexican club makes art out of science (Feb 02)
Snodrift – Snow for San Fran and sound from Meyer (Jan 02)

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Stephen Morris – Crown Audio’s market director talks about the longtime glory of Macro-Tech and fresh new sheen of CTs. (Dec 02)
DJ Johnny Johnson – Spinning for San Diego teens since 1986 (Nov 02)
Gerber– Each Member of Rande Gerber's Whiskey Chain of Club/Lounges Is As Local As It Is Chic (Oct 02)
Centro-Fly owners – Dave Baxley and Tom Sisk run a tight yet fabulous ship. (Sep 02)
Shorty – New Jersey sound tech thinks you're doing it all wrong (May 02)
Doc Holiday – This guy takes bouncing seriously (Apr 02)
Lord Toussaint – Miami's man-about-beach has the ultimate plan (Mar 02)
Sasha & Digweed – The world's most famous DJs get set to conquer it (Feb 02)
Ira Sandler – The inventive owner of Ten15 (Jan 02)

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Club AM – Des Moines, IA (Dec 02)
The Church – Denver, CO (Nov 02)
Arc – New York, NY (Oct 02)
Coyote Hardware Bar – Harrisburg, PA (Sep 02)
Abyss – Sayreville, NJ (Jun 02)
Axc – Boston, MA (May 02)
The World – New York, NY (Apr 02)
Club Axis – Salt Lake City, UT (Mar 02)
Bonham Exhange –- San Antonio, TX (Feb 02)
Shampoo – Philadelphia, PA (Jan 02)

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